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15 June 2006 @ 03:27 pm
Screen Captures Index
This entry will link to all of the screen captures I've done so that they are easier to get to. I'll still update the journal with new links in new entries, though. Anyone is free to use these screen captures any way they like. Let me know if the zip files don't work and I might be able to re-upload them.

The A-team
Season 1
01 - Mexican Slayride - Gallery / Zip File
02 - Children of Jamestown - Gallery / Zip File
03 - Pros and Cons - Gallery / Zip File
04 - A Small and Deadly War - Gallery / Zip File
05 - Black Day At Bad Rock - Gallery / Zip File

The Sentinel
01 - The Switchman - Zip File (Host - UploadingIT.com)

The Tomorrow People, New Series
The Rameses Connection Episode 1 - Gallery / Zip File
The rest of the Tomorrow People screen caps at my sister's caps journal.

Episodes 01-08 at my sister's journal.
Episodes 09-12 in this entry.